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Municipal permeable paving solutions for greener, resilient sidewalks, bike lanes, boulevards, and tree surrounds

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Permeable Tree Surrounds

Permeable tree surrounds offer a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance the overall well-being of the municipality and its inhabitants.

Key Benefits of a Permeable Tree Surround

Permeable tree surrounds act as natural stormwater management systems, allowing rainwater to infiltrate the soil rather than running off hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. By absorbing and storing rainwater, these surroundings reduce the strain on stormwater drainage systems and alleviate the risk of local flooding during heavy rain events. They can also be easily cut as the tree grows larger!

Urban trees often suffer from inadequate drainage and compacted soil, hindering their growth and longevity. Permeable tree surrounds offer a healthier environment for tree roots, enabling proper aeration, water penetration, and nutrient circulation.

Climate Resilience– These surrounds contribute to mitigating the urban heat island effect, regulating temperatures, and preserving microclimates, making the municipality more resilient to heatwaves and temperature fluctuations.

While permeable tree surrounds may require an initial investment similar to asphalt or concrete, they offer long-term cost savings for the municipality.

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“300 recycled tires used in 1,000 square feet, It acts like one big expansion joint that allows for the product to flex in our Canadian winters.”


Town Of Aurora

Embrace the future of sustainable infrastructure with Stromflow Surfacing permeable pavers

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Can do everything traditional paving can do – and more!

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No slips, cracking, or water pooling and ice build up

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A simpler ground water management solution

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Recycles over 300 tires for every 1,000 square feet

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Custom Colour Combinations

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Permeable Sidewalks & Bike Lanes

Stormflow Surfacing’s innovative surfaces not only provide safe and accessible pathways for pedestrians and cyclists but also contribute to the overall well-being and resilience of the community.

Key Benefits of a Permeable Pathway

By naturally capturing and filtering rainwater, permeable sidewalks and bike lanes help to manage stormwater effectively, mitigating flood risks and improving water

Permeable pavement provides superior traction, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slipping, especially during cold weather. The porous nature of these surfaces allow water to drain quickly, minimizing the formation of puddles and
ice patches, which can be hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists in Canada.

By opting for eco-friendly solutions, the municipality can reduce its carbon
footprint, conserve natural resources, and promote responsible infrastructurepractices.

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Promoting Active Transportation

Permeable sidewalks and bike lanes provide safe, comfortable, and accessible routes for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging more people to choose active modes of transportation.

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Permeable Boulevards

Providing an Eco-friendly solution for tough drainage applications like boulevards. Incorporating permeable boulevards can be a strategic and impactful choice for Canadian municipalities.

Key Benefits of Permeable Boulevards

Permeable boulevards act as natural stormwater management tools, allowing rainwater and snowmelt to infiltrate the soil rather than overwhelming drainage systems.

Permeable boulevards are designed to minimize freeze-thaw damage by allowing water to drain and preventing ice buildup. This durability ensures that the boulevards remain functional and aesthetically pleasing year-round.

Permeable boulevards can incorporate native plants, creating green corridors that support local biodiversity and provide habitats for pollinators and wildlife.

Well-designed permeable boulevards can significantly enhance the visual appeal of streetscapes and public spaces.

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Stormflow Surface for Boulevards

Independent testing confirms that Stormflow Surfacing allows up to 5,800 gallons of water per hour per sq. ft. to drain directly through its surface, permeate down into a compacted aggregate base, then slowly filter into the ground. Learn More

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Permeable Drainage Strips

Opting for permeable pavement in drainage strips offers municipalities an effective solution to address stormwater management, environmental stewardship, and urban development challenges specific to the regions.

Key Benefits of Permeable Drainage Strips

Permeable pavement in drainage strips efficiently captures and directs stormwater into the ground, reducing surface runoff.

Permeable pavement acts as a natural filtration system, removing some pollutants and contaminants from stormwater as it percolates through the pavement layers.

Permeable pavement aids climate adaptation by reducing the urban heat island effect and promoting efficient stormwater management.

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Erosion Prevention

Drainage strips with permeable pavement help prevent soil erosion by stabilizing the ground and controlling the flow of water.

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Stormflow Surfacing Customer Success Stories

Discover how Stormflow Surfacing has transformed surfaces and reshaped urban environments for our customers.

Depave Paradise with Stormflow Surfacing at Fanshawe College

An overview of a project completed in London Ontario at Fanshawe College with MTE
Case Studies

Klomp’s Home and Garden Greenhouse Project

We recently completed an exciting greenhouse project at Klomp's Home and Garden located just outside of Stratford. When a staff member suggested permeable surfacing, they were thrilled to find Stormflow Surfacing right in Stratford. We installed Stormflow Surfacing in...
Case Studies

Aurora Armoury Patio and Tree Surrounds

Back in October 2019, we had the opportunity of working with Aurora Armoury and providing major renovations to the area. Aurora Armoury visualized something that would work with their large and beautiful trees, but also wanted to provide a hard surface for pedestrian...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Stormflow Surfacing?

When and where can Stormflow Surfacing be installed?

Stormflow Surfacing can be installed anywhere that traditional hardscape surfaces can be installed. The advantage to Stormflow can be installed up to 33% degrees of slope. Due to the product being moisture cured, it needs to be installed between 10-32 degrees C with no rain in the forecast.

What are the main advantages of Stormflow versus asphalt and concrete?

Stormflow helps to alleviate stormwater issues. Water doesn't pool and puddle on the surface like it does on concrete and asphalt (this also means so ice in the winter). The product also is made from recycled materials, for every 1000 square feet of Stormflow poured we repurpose 300 tires.

How does Stormflow withstand the harsh Canadian winters?

Stormflow can be shovelled and maintained just like any other surface in the winter (shovel, snow blower or plow). You will also find that you can reduce salt use as water runs through instead of having ice on the surface. We recommend back dragging when using a snowplow. Another main advantage of Stormflow in the winter is our product doesn't crack, due to the base and the rubber used in the surface. It acts like one big expansion joint, allowing the surface to look great year after year.

Why should I use permeable pavement?

Stormflow is porous, which means water flows through the surface back into the water table. This helps cities deal with undersized storm drains during large rain events.

Are there authorized installers in my area?

With numerous installers stationed strategically throughout Ontario, we are happy to help get in contact with them.
Areas currently served for residential customers:
- Stratford and surrounding area
- Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding
- Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas
- Select areas of the GTA

What is the warranty with a Stormflow Surface?

We offer a 3 year warranty to our customers.

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