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Klomp’s Home and Garden Greenhouse Project

May 4, 2021

We recently completed an exciting greenhouse project at Klomp’s Home and Garden located just outside of Stratford. When a staff member suggested permeable surfacing, they were thrilled to find Stormflow Surfacing right in Stratford. We installed Stormflow Surfacing in one of many greenhouses on their 10 acre property. After completion, the owners loved that Stormflow Surfacing allows the water to go right through the greenhouse floor when they water the plants. The greenhouse floor is now clean and dry as well as non-slip, providing a safe surface for staff and customers to walk over with ease. This flexible and durable surface is a great alternative to using stone or mulch, learn more about our environmentally friendly material here.

Klomps decided on a redwood/black colour mix to match their company colours and slogan: “Have a Bright Red Day”. The colours look great against the beautiful backdrop of plants and flowers. The fact that Stormflow Surfacing is made from recycled tires and is environmentally friendly is an added bonus. Every 1,000 square feet of Stormflow Surfacing saves approximately 300 tires from the landfill.

Klomps Nursery with Porous Pave

The installation was non-invasive, as we brought our small mixer inside the greenhouse and mix and pour right on site with a crew of 3 people over 2 days. For the install, the previous stone was removed and 4” of compacted ½-¾” clear crushed stone was installed in the base. We then poured 2” of Stormflow Surfacing right on top of the stone. The total area was approximately 2,400 square feet and was surrounded by cement walkways that were already in place. Best of all, Porous Pave fully cured in 24 hours and was ready for use. Learn more about joining our team of installers here.

Pouring Porous Pave at Klomp's Nursery

This was another successful installation for Stormflow Surfacing. We are looking forward to installing permeable surfaces for more greenhouses and garden centres in the future.

Learn how Stormflow Surfacing stays Environmentally Friendly and perfect for outdoor paving and tree surrounds.

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