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We provide a streamlined and non-intrusive porous paving installation, fully cured and ready for use in 24 hours.

Ideal Surfacing Material with Mindful Application

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Customizable Versatility

Stormflow Surfacing is a 'pour in place' material mixed directly at the installation site, offering a notable edge in tailoring solutions to exact project requirements. This approach provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing the material to be customized and adjusted in real-time to align with the unique demands of each project.

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Sensitivity in Installation

With non-intrusive equipment, Stormflow Surfacing can be installed even in environmentally sensitive areas. By utilizing equipment that minimizes disruption and impact, the installation process harmonizes with the surroundings, minimizing disturbances to the natural habitat.

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Efficient and Effective

Its cold mix composition eliminates asphalt odors, while the singular monolithic pour structure resists cracking and movement, providing quicker installation than traditional pavers and easier finishing than concrete. Stormflow Surfacing's singular monolithic pour structure serves as a remarkable engineering solution.

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Get Technical Specifications

From patios and sidewalks to trails and cart paths, get access to our technical specifications including installation drawings and aggregate base preparation documents. Before starting your next installation project with Stormflow Surfacing, request our technical drawings below.

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Research Behind Stormflow Surfacing

Developing a New Rubber Porous Paving with University of Waterloo

We funded a 3 year study to further test & improve our porous paving product with the University of Waterloo, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Centre for Pavement & Transportation Technology.

The goal of this research was to create an improved product for commercial parking applications, while remaining environmentally sustainable through the use of recycled tires. Our aim was to develop a product that will reduce the need for expensive stormwater management systems while also helping developers comply with the need to reduce (or eliminate) stormwater runoff from their parking lots. We were thrilled to collaborate with the University of Waterloo on this exciting initiative.

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Research & Testing

Stormflow Surfacing has had numerous tests performed by independent, certified labs, including:

  • Leach Test – SPLP (1312) – all material components were below groundwater maximum contaminant levels
  • Permeability test
  • Porosity test – up to 27-29% void space
  • Compression test
  • ASTM D-2047 Slip resistant test
  • ASTM D-4798 Accelerated weather
  • ASTM C-666B Freeze/thaw durability
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LEED Qualifications

Stormflow Surfacing can qualify for several different categories of LEED points depending on the application. Different areas where LEED points could be earned through the use of Stormflow Surfacing:

  • Sustainable Sites: Storm Water Design, Quantity Control
  • Innovation and Design Process: Innovation in Design
  • Materials and Resources: Recycled Content, Regional Materials
Read About University of Waterloo Research
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Stormflow Surfacing?

When and where can Stormflow Surfacing be installed?

Stormflow Surfacing can be installed anywhere that traditional hardscape surfaces can be installed. The advantage to Stormflow can be installed up to 33% degrees of slope. Due to the product being moisture cured, it needs to be installed between 10-32 degrees C with no rain in the forecast.

What are the main advantages of Stormflow versus asphalt and concrete?

Stormflow helps to alleviate stormwater issues. Water doesn't pool and puddle on the surface like it does on concrete and asphalt (this also means so ice in the winter). The product also is made from recycled materials, for every 1000 square feet of Stormflow poured we repurpose 300 tires.

How does Stormflow withstand the harsh Canadian winters?

Stormflow can be shovelled and maintained just like any other surface in the winter (shovel, snow blower or plow). You will also find that you can reduce salt use as water runs through instead of having ice on the surface. We recommend back dragging when using a snowplow. Another main advantage of Stormflow in the winter is our product doesn't crack, due to the base and the rubber used in the surface. It acts like one big expansion joint, allowing the surface to look great year after year.

Why should I use permeable pavement?

Stormflow is porous, which means water flows through the surface back into the water table. This helps cities deal with undersized storm drains during large rain events.

Are there authorized installers in my area?

With numerous installers stationed strategically throughout Ontario, we are happy to help get in contact with them.
Areas currently served for residential customers:
- Stratford and surrounding area
- Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding
- Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas
- Select areas of the GTA

What is the warranty with a Stormflow Surface?

We offer a 3 year warranty to our customers.

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