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We’re transforming Canadian landscapes with recycled tires and innovative stormwater management.

So, how did Stormflow Surfacing come to be?

We began Stormflow Surfacing in Canada because we knew there was a better way to do surfacing instead of concrete and asphalt. We were unhappy by the state of our own driveway. Cracks took over our once-smooth asphalt, every rainstorm left pools of water, and each winter night left unsafe patches of ice. When looking into alternative solutions, we realized concrete would cause more drainage problems. This is when we started experimenting with recycled tire options.

With a shared love for the environment and a determination to find a solution, we saw the potential to transform these discarded rubber relics into something extraordinary. We discovered that by repurposing old tires, we could not only rejuvenate our own driveway but also play a role in tackling the stormwater runoff issues affecting our community.

At the forefront of permeable paving in Canada, our team is proud to be crafting a tale of sustainability, creativity, and a better way forward for driveways, pathways, and other paving projects throughout Canada.

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Our Culture and Values

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We address the practical needs of our valued customers while prioritizing environmental well-being. Free from harmful chemicals, our innovative surfacing is not only safe for you but also for the planet. With a robust training program, our skilled installers ensure every project meets the highest standards.

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Our product is the result of meticulous research, backed by partnerships with esteemed academic institutions that validate our formulations and their impact. Rigorously performance tested across a spectrum of applications, conditions, and weather scenarios, our product is proven to deliver exceptional results.

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Anticipating future needs, we persistently stay one step ahead of industry trends. Our dedication to progress is reflected in our continuous improvement initiatives, where we constantly refine our methods and practices. Collaborating with academia, we're embarking on ground-breaking research to substantiate the efficacy of our unique approach.

What We Stand For


We have a 3 year warranty for our customers and stand behind our certified installers. We are constantly improving our product through research to become even better permeable pavement installers.

Sustainability and the Environment

We are proud of using 300 recycled tires for every 1000 sq feet of Stormflow Surfacing. This keeps these tires out of landfill and helps the circular economy. We also realize how important it is to create solutions for stormwater management issues. We help municipalities and individuals slow down the flow of rainwater. As permeable pavement installers, we give an alternative to asphalt and concrete.

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Environmental & Economic Impact

It is our mission to help solve stormwater issues for municipalities and homeowners. Climate change has necessitated innovation, including replacing hard surfaces with permeable options. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt cause all rainwater to run quickly into undersized stormwater drains. These antiquated systems were not built for these huge rain events.

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Climate Action

With increased storms caused by climate change, more often storm sewers go into an emergency mode which diverts all untreated stormwater into nearby rivers and lakes. This includes garbage that has been swept up along the way. In the City of Toronto for example, 23% of the city has combined sewers (only 1 pipe for sewage and stormwater). This means during heavy rain events raw sewage is flowing into waterways.
United Nations SDG Goal 13

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Green Technology

Our solution not only effectively addresses urban drainage issues, but also exemplifies environmental responsibility by harnessing the potential of recycled tires. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge green technology, Stormflow Surfacing can create a lasting and far-reaching positive impact on the environment, paving the way for sustainable urban development and heightened resilience in the face of changing climatic conditions.
United Nations SDG Goal 9

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Recycled Rubber

We are proud of using recycled tires. A practice that not only diverts these tires from landfills but also contributes to the circular economy, fostering sustainability. By aiding municipalities and individuals in mitigating the rapid flow of rainwater, we actively contribute to the preservation of a healthy environment, aligning our efforts with the well-being of our natural surroundings.
United Nations SDG Goal 11

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Canadian Materials

Our recycled tires come from Ontario, ensuring local sourcing for out-of-province endeavors whenever feasible. Our tires undergo a meticulously monitored shredding process, eliminating 99% of steel fragments and yielding high-quality rubber chips ranging from 1/4″ to 3/8″ in nominal size. The stone integrated into our mixes are from Ontario granite, reinforcing our commitment to regional materials and sustainable practices.
United Nations SDG Goal 8

Stormflow Surfacing's innovative porous design enables remarkable water permeability of up to 5,800 gallons per hour per square foot, effectively reducing runoff and negating the necessity for separate retention areas.

Our Executive Team

The Stormflow Surfacing Team has formed an innovative and eco-conscious solution that would ultimately change the future of paving.

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Jim Roth


With a distinguished career spanning over four decades, Jim Roth, former partner of Little Lakes Machine and Tool and retired tool and die maker, spearheaded the innovation of an enhanced installation technique for Stormflow Surfacing, leading to the inception of a specialized custom paving machine.

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Julie Redfern

‍CFO & Co-Founder

Julie Redfern, a former international development finance professional with experience in Africa through The Peace Corps and MEDA, now lends her expertise to Stormflow Surfacing, managing finance and admin. Her enthusiasm for our environmentally friendly product stems from her passion for sustainability.

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Becky Shaw


Becky Shaw discovered Stormflow Surfacing through a personal project, sparking her passion for the product and its business potential. Leveraging her diverse background in small business and corporate settings such as BlackBerry, she has been invaluable in overseeing all sales, marketing, and strategic direction at Stormflow Surfacing.

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