Commercial Permeable Paving Solutions

Stormflow’s permeable paving gets the job done while saving the planet.

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4.9 Google Ratingpermeable tree surrounds

Permeable Sidewalks & Pathways

Transition to permeable sidewalks and paths that are smooth and slip-resistant, providing a safe and low-maintenance solution for your commercial paving projects.

Key Benefits of a Permeable Sidewalk or Pathway

Slip Resistant - ADA compliant (ASTM - D-2047) porous material

Avoid complicated stormwater management infrastructure for large surface areas

Safe and non toxic application - Tested at SPLP (1312)

Returns rain water quickly to the water table

Borders well with sand, water, grass, natural stone, plants, trees, shrubs, cedar chips and more!

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“300 recycled tires used in 1,000 square feet, It acts like one big expansion joint that allows for the product to flex in our Canadian winters.”


Permeable pavers that are durable
sustainable and cost-effective

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Can do everything traditional paving can do – and more!

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No slips, cracking, or water pooling and ice build up

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A simpler ground water management solution

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Recycles over 300 tires for every 1,000 square feet

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A badge of trust from happy customers

4.9 Google Overall Rating

Mary Visser Kerr

5 star rating

Our condominium’s small parking lot and a short walkway were repaved in June 2023 using Stormflow and we are very pleased with the results. Looks and feels great. The work crew was always on time, professional and responsive in their discussions throughout the project and open to any modifications to comply with municipal requirements...

Derek Lippert

5 star rating

Very interesting and unique product with a wide variety of applications. We recommended having it installed at a daycare in Stoney Creek as a replacement for an inferior product that had failed.

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Commercial Drainage Solutions

By allowing water to infiltrate through its porous surface, Stormflow Surfacing effectively manages stormwater runoff. In commercial settings such as parking lots or plazas permeable paving mitigates the risk of flooding and erosion.

Key Benefits Permeable Parking Drainage

Stormwater safe public spaces- No cracking or water pooling

Entire parking lot functions like a storm drain with a superior design aesthetic

Low maintenance and resistant to UV Rays, muriatic acid, gasoline, diesel, motor oil transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and other hostile materials that destroy the looks and function of traditional surfacing materials.

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Research-Backend Pavement

Stormflow Surfacing has created a product that helps reduce the need for expensive stormwater management systems, improved for commercial applications. Our research has been conducted by pavement researchers at University of Waterloo. Learn More

permeable parking lot

Permeable Golf Courses

Providing an Eco-friendly solution for tough drainage applications on a golf course, like bunker liners and pathways– exactly what Golf Course Operations are seeking!

Permeable Bunker Liner

Forms one continuous, consistently smooth rubber-rock permeable surface

Seals bunker floors to keep sand clean and stabilized

Holds sand in place on bunker slopes

Permeable Golf Course Paths

Low maintenance, hard-wearing, and environmentally friendly for high traffic use

Can be applied over existing concrete, asphalt, and wood

Colour block parking zones, valet areas, inlay, parking numbers, crests, and more.

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Better Pavement for Golf Courses

The durability, longevity, permeability, eco-friendliness, and ease of maintenance make Stormflow Surfacing permeable pavers the number one choice for cart path paving for a golf course. In addition, permeable paving provides a fresh and stunning look across your course.

Stormflow golf course trail

Our Permeable Surface Colour Collection

Single Surfacing Colours

black surfacing colourgreen surfacing colourbrown surfacing colourred surfacing colourblue surfacing colourtan surfacing colour

Custom Colour Combinations

blue-black surfacing colourblue-red surfacing colourgreen-black surfacing colourgreen-brown surfacing colourred-black surfacing colourtan-black surfacing colour
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Stormflow Surfacing Customer Success Stories

Discover how Stormflow Surfacing has transformed surfaces and reshaped urban environments for our customers.

Depave Paradise with Stormflow Surfacing at Fanshawe College
An overview of a project completed in London Ontario at Fanshawe College with MTE
Case Studies
Klomp’s Home and Garden Greenhouse Project
We recently completed an exciting greenhouse project at Klomp's Home and Garden located just outside of Stratford. When a staff member suggested permeable surfacing, they were thrilled to find Stormflow Surfacing right in Stratford. We installed Stormflow Surfacing in...
Case Studies
Aurora Armoury Patio and Tree Surrounds
Back in October 2019, we had the opportunity of working with Aurora Armoury and providing major renovations to the area. Aurora Armoury visualized something that would work with their large and beautiful trees, but also wanted to provide a hard surface for pedestrian...
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Start Planning Your Commercial Paving Project

Work with our skilled Stormflow Surfacing installers and take your outdoor landscape project to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Stormflow Surfacing?

When and where can Stormflow Surfacing be installed?

Stormflow Surfacing can be installed anywhere that traditional hardscape surfaces can be installed. The advantage to Stormflow can be installed up to 33% degrees of slope. Due to the product being moisture cured, it needs to be installed between 10-32 degrees C with no rain in the forecast.

What are the main advantages of Stormflow versus asphalt and concrete?

Stormflow helps to alleviate stormwater issues. Water doesn't pool and puddle on the surface like it does on concrete and asphalt (this also means so ice in the winter). The product also is made from recycled materials, for every 1000 square feet of Stormflow poured we repurpose 300 tires.

How does Stormflow withstand the harsh Canadian winters?

Stormflow can be shovelled and maintained just like any other surface in the winter (shovel, snow blower or plow). You will also find that you can reduce salt use as water runs through instead of having ice on the surface. We recommend back dragging when using a snowplow. Another main advantage of Stormflow in the winter is our product doesn't crack, due to the base and the rubber used in the surface. It acts like one big expansion joint, allowing the surface to look great year after year.

Why should I use permeable pavement?

Stormflow is porous, which means water flows through the surface back into the water table. This helps cities deal with undersized storm drains during large rain events.

Are there authorized installers in my area?

With numerous installers stationed strategically throughout Ontario, we are happy to help get in contact with them.
Areas currently served for residential customers:
- Stratford and surrounding area
- Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding
- Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas
- Select areas of the GTA

What is the warranty with a Stormflow Surface?

We offer a 3 year warranty to our customers.

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