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Navigating Canadian Winters with Permeable Pavement

Traditional surfacing materials like asphalt or concrete, while common, may not always be the best option when it comes to the icy and snowy conditions we face in Canada...

5 Reasons To Use Permeable Pavement For Your Driveway

As you consider the best choice for your next driveway or pathway project, let's dive into five compelling reasons why permeable pavement is the best option compared to other traditional surfacing materials...

Tax Incentives For Your Permeable Driveway

Stormflow Surfacing offers many benefits, and in addition to that, several cities across Ontario offer tax incentives and grants for permeable driveways! A few municipalities that already offer this tax incentive include; Kitchener, Waterloo, Mississauga, Halton Region (Milton, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas), and Ottawa.

Stormflow Driveway Solves Residential Stormwater Issue

Back in 2020, Chris from Kitchener, Ontario came to us about a drainage/stormwater issue he was having. Chris explained “We are dealing with drainage/water issues due to his neighbours downspout, and our driveway sloping towards the house instead of away from it”....

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