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Depave Paradise with Stormflow Surfacing at Fanshawe College

Read the full MTE case study to learn more about this great experience at Fanshawe College

Project Overview

Recognizing that the Arts Courtyard was being underused, Fanshawe College set out to revitalize the neglected space by transforming it into a naturalized green environment with a Depave Paradise event.

The original paved surface interrupted the natural water cycle, preventing rain from soaking into the ground and creating runoff that would collect pollutants and compromise water sources such as the Thames River. The asphalt was cut into manageable-sized pieces and transported by hand into a recycling bin. The recycled asphalt was then sent to Try Recycle, an organization that keeps old asphalt out of landfills by finding new uses for it. With help from the asphalt was replaced with a permeable surface made from recycled tires, allowing stormwater to penetrate the soil and re-enter the water table.

The full MTE case study can be found on their website

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Depave Paradise with Stormflow Surfacing at Fanshawe College

An overview of a project completed in London Ontario at Fanshawe College with MTE
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