Permeable Pavement

Made from recycled tires, crushed granite and a proprietary binding agent — Stormflow Surfacing is an ideal surfacing material with endless applications.

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Transforming Surfaces and Sustaining Our Planet with Efficient Stormwater Management

Experience the Uniqueness of Our Permeable Design: A Remarkable 5,800 Gallons of Water per Hour Flow Through Every Square Foot of Surface Area. Stormflow Surfacing offers a "pour in place" solution, seamlessly mixed on-site and applied as a single, cohesive pour. Enjoy swifter installation compared to traditional pavers, with a finish even easier than concrete. Plus, revel in the convenience of a full 24-hour curing time, making Stormflow Surfacing ready for use in no time. Choose from a diverse palette of colors and patterns to perfectly complement any application.

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Flexible & Durable
Paving Materials

No more crumbling or trip hazards. Stormflow Surfacing is designed to resist cracks, reducing accident risks. Its rubberized texture ensures ADA compliance by offering a superior grip. From oil and gasoline to UV rays and saltwater, it stands strong against harsh elements. Plus, it's flexible enough to tackle Canadian winter freeze/thaw cycles, keeping your surfaces safe year-round.

simple surfacing installation

Non Intrusive

Our equipment is non-intrusive so Stormflow Surfacing can be installed in sensitive areas. It is a cold mix so it does not have the smells associated with asphalt. It is installed as a single monolithic pour and this is why it resists cracking and movement as it is one large expansion joint. Installation is much faster than traditional pavers and is much easier than concrete to finish.

proudly Canadian materials

Proudly Using
Canadian Materials

To remain sustainable and eco-friendly, our recycled tires come from Ontario. For out-of-province projects, we source local tires and stones whenever possible. The tires go through a tightly controlled shredding process to remove 99% of the steel fragments and produce 1/4″ to 3/8″ nominal size rubber chip. The stone used in our mixes is Ontario granite.

Permeable Paving Applications

Permeable pavement is a versatile and eco-friendly solution revolutionizing urban landscapes. From sidewalks and driveways to parking lots and golf courses, its innovative design allows water to infiltrate the surface, mitigating stormwater runoff and reducing the strain on drainage systems.

1” of Stormflow Surface

1-inch permeable paving offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for enhancing and renewing various surfaces. Acting as an overlay on existing concrete, asphalt, and wood, it provides a streamlined approach to revitalizing cracked or deteriorated areas without the need for costly and disruptive tear-outs. By seamlessly applying this permeable layer, the surface gains not only structural reinforcement but also the ability to manage water, mitigating runoff and contributing to better drainage. This innovative technique ensures a practical and aesthetically pleasing transformation, breathing new life into worn surfaces while minimizing expenses and minimizing environmental impact.

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Stormflow surface patio
Stormflow surface sidewalk

1.5” of Stormflow Surface

The application of 1.5" permeable paving offers an ideal solution for a range of non-commercial projects. Perfectly suited for patios, golf cart paths, and residential walkways, this thickness provides a durable and functional surface that effectively manages water while enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. Whether it's creating a charming backyard patio, ensuring smooth golf cart pathways, or establishing safe and attractive walkways within residential areas, 1.5" permeable paving delivers a reliable and visually appealing choice for these specific applications.

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2” of Stormflow Surface

The utilization of 2" permeable paving proves to be a robust solution tailor-made for a diverse range of commercial and public projects. Specifically engineered to withstand the demands of vehicle traffic areas, this thickness ensures the durability required for high-impact usage while effectively managing water runoff. In addition, 2" permeable paving serves as an excellent choice for sidewalks, providing a safe and slip-resistant surface for pedestrians while contributing to efficient stormwater management. It’s a reliable option for creating sustainable and visually appealing trail and pathway systems, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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Stormflow surface parking lot

See how Stormflow Surfacing's innovative porous design stands against traditional permeable pavers.

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Permeable Surface Colour Collection

Inspired by Nature – Our Colour Collection offers the best in contemporary and traditional colours.

Single Surfacing Colours

The Stormflow Surfacing manufacturing process infuses our recycled rubber chips with rich colours that are deep and enduring. Unlike thin outer coatings that flake off or fade away. Stormflow Surfacing’s versatility gives you options. We offer six standard colours that can be standalone or mixed to create custom colour combinations:

Standard Colour Options: Black, green, brown, red, blue and tan.

black surface colourgreen surface colourbrown surface colourred surface colourblue surface colourtan surface colour

Introducing Our Custom Mix - Blend: Elevate Your Design Possibilities

Discover a new realm of pavement colour application and design with our Custom Mix - Blend option. Elevate the aesthetics of your driveway, patio, or any pavement project. Unleash creativity by seamlessly integrating contrasting Stormflow Surfacing colours for a range of purposes including corporate identity, inlays, crests, building numbers, no parking zones, and beyond. With this innovative option, your pavement becomes a canvas for personalized expression and functional differentiation.

Custom Colour Combinations: Blue-Black, Blue-Red, Green-Black, Green-Brown, Red-Black, and Tan-Black.

blue-black surface colourblue-red surface colourgreen-black surface colourgreen-brown surface colourred-black surface colourtan-black surface colour

Porous Paving Maintenance

Stormflow Surfacing is a unique material when compared to traditional surfacing materials such as Porous Concrete and Porous Asphalt. Stormflow Surfacing, because it is flexible, moves when walked on or driven on and makes for a crack resistant driveway. This movement helps to work the fine particles thru the material and into the substrate. It also has a much large void space than other similar materials. Stormflow Surfacing has a typical void space of 29% allowing fines to pass through or to be vacuumed out quite easy.

Since Stormflow Surfacing is made from recycled rubber granules and aggregate, it remains flexible in nature unlike the previously mentioned products which have a “fixed void” once they are cured. A “fixed void” is one that is hardened allowing pockets where sediment can become trapped and difficult to clean.

Recommended Cleaning

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Low Pressure Water Application

In the event that Stormflow Surfacing material becomes clogged with silt or sand, large amounts of water can be applied at low pressure to wash the fines through the Stormflow Surfacing into the sub base material. This process ensures that the obstructing particles are seamlessly transported into the underlying sub-base material, restoring the optimal permeability and drainage performance of the surface.

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Vacuuming or Sweeping

A common shop vac can be used for smaller areas up to a street sweeper for large areas to extract the fines. Testing has shown that the vacuum method can remove not only the sediment in the Stormflow Surfacing but actually remove fines from the sub base as well. It is recommended that method #2 is used consistently or at least periodically in conjunction with method #1 to prevent build up in the sub base.

Stormflow regular maintenance

Leaf Blowing

Other regular maintenance includes blowing leaves, sticks, grass clippings and other debris from the surface of the Stormflow Surfacing. This will help prevent breakdown of this debris preventing it from becoming trapped within the Porous Pavement. This is most commonly done by traditional leaf blower type equipment.

Stormflow regular inspection

Regular Inspection

Stormflow Surfacing that is installed adjacent to gravel drives or areas where stones will likely be carried onto the surface should have regular cleaning. Regular inspection and maintenance of the Stormflow Surfacing installations will help in prolonging both the porosity and the longevity of the installation.

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We’re Making An Environmental Impact

Learn about how our team at Stormflow Surfacing is making an impact on the environment with our permeable pavers.

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