How An Overpour Works

Rubber surfacing offers a unique solution by allowing installation over existing surfaces such as asphalt or patios.

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Key Benefits of Choosing a Surface Overpour

Cost effective surface pour

Simplify to save money and downtime

Driveway ready in hours

Quick Turnaround - Ready in 24 hours!

Surface overpour

Can be installed over existing concrete, asphalt and wood

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Eliminating the need for removal of previous surface

An Alternative Paving Solution

The application of Stormflow Surfacing as an overpour presents a versatile and economically sound option for rejuvenating aged surfaces. Whether for patios, decks, driveways, or more, permeable pavement can seamlessly cover existing surfaces to enhance the look of outdoor landscapes.

Surface Preparation and Application

Using 1 inch permeable paving, the overpour process involves preparing the existing surface, ensuring it is clean and well-prepared. The permeable pavement mixture, a specialized blend of materials such as recycled tires and Canadian granite, is then poured and spread evenly over the existing surface. The mixture is compacted to create a seamless and uniform layer. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming tear-outs but also enhances sustainability by repurposing existing materials.

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Pathway at Trinity Village Retirement Community
Driveway overpour on top of cracked asphalt

Elevating the Look of Worn Surfaces

Permeable paving, when poured over existing surfaces, offers a transformative solution that breathes new life into worn and aged areas. This innovative approach not only rejuvenates the appearance of these surfaces but also introduces a fresh aesthetic that revitalizes outdoor spaces. By seamlessly enveloping existing patios, driveways, or other worn areas, permeable paving introduces a harmonious blend of function and beauty. This process not only eliminates the need for costly replacements but also contributes to sustainability by repurposing existing materials.

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Before and after photo of permeable patioBefore and after photo of porous pavement
Before and after of residential drivewayBefore and after of drivewayBefore and after of steps overpourBefore and after of patio overpourBefore and after of driveway installation

Our Permeable Paving Process During an Overpour Installation

Using a blend of recycled rubber tire chips, stone aggregate, and a proprietary binder, our cold mixing process takes place on-site. The prepared mixture is carefully applied over the existing surface and our dedicated installation crew ensures even distribution and a seamless finish. This approach eliminates the need for landfill visits, as the absence of tear-outs means existing surfaces remain intact.

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Our Permeable Surface Colour Collection

Single Surfacing Colours

black surface colourgreen surface colourbrown surface colourred surface colourblue surface colourtan surface colour

Custom Colour Combinations

blue-black surface colourblue-red surface colourgreen-black surface colourgreen-brown surface colourred-black surface colourtan-black surface colour
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